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Our Photos

11 puppies, 10 faucetts -- Uh Oh

Mom is worn out and it is just day 2

After we cleaned up, Colt had "Grand Finale"

Mom has had enough!!


Colt with the new puppies

Colt and pup

Puppy Pile

Day-3 Puppy Pile

Maybe someday I will be as big as my toys




A great big box of cute

Grand Finale - 1

Grand Finale - 2

This girl was a surprise to us. We thought Colt was through, cleaned her up, cleaned up the whelping box, washed Colt, took her for a short walk, then went back to the whelping box. Colt was feeding puppies then began having contractions and dropped "Grand Finale".

Keeping my eye on you

What puppies do the most

I am so ashamed, I pooped on myself and needed a bath

Now I am tired and sleepy

Meal time

Cute little puppy-butts

Wass-up??? I am trying out my legs.

Puppy pile is getting bigger.

Puppy Play-1

Puppy Play-2

Puppies have gotten their legs under themselves and are becoming highly mobile. They have also discovered their voices --- much to our dismay --- funny to listen to them experiment with barking and growling.

Puppy Play-3

A strange way to sleep!!!

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie


Sleeping puppy girl

Sleeping Boy

We took the puppies outside for the first time. They had a nice time, but did what they do inside, yelp, eat, and then sleep. They did play with each other for a very short time. More pictures available at --- cut and paste this link in your browser or go to the links page and click the appropriate link there.

Puppy heads -- boy on right girl left

Lap sleeper

OK!! Time to wean these hoolligans!

The gang at play - week 3

While they did eat, they still seem confused about the purpose of the food bowl.

They also seem confused about the litter box



Sleeping Heads

Puppy Pile Outside

Nice Frontal


Puppy fell asleep on the food dish while eating

Momma and pups

Colt and puppies

Puppy Excavation Corp

My turn to drive

Anybody know how to operate the front-end loader?

Break Time

Sound asleep, on back

Trying to get a Golden puppy to do what Goldens do

I think that she may be getting it

Well she seems to be trying hard

Doesn't take much to wear out a puppy

Finally, some help with the puppy poop

Janna's friend and her three friends

Granddaughter Jamie

Granddaughter Janna

The bath seemed to shame them

A drowned rat

We want to play, please wait up!!!

Justin and pups

NaNa and puppy in his wagon

OOOOPS!! A few too many pups


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