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Championship Win at the San Antonio Show Major Win at the Fort Worth Show

Colt wins the prestigeous Bred-by Exhibitor class at the Golden Retreiver National Specialty Show Colt's movement is one to be envied

We really enjoyed our time at the Golden Retriever National Specialty Show at the Calimigos Ranch near Malibu CA in 2004. Colt was really "on" that day. Notice her side gait. She is a very strong, muscular bitch, a joy to watch and fun to be with when at play.

Colt wins a major reserve out of the puppy classes in Texarkana Colt wins a puppy match in Seguin at 7 months.

Colt demonstrated her competitiveness at an early age.

First day at my new home. Nice place, I can't wait to try out the pool. They keep me working around here.

Colt was whelped at the Goldstorm Ranch and came to live with us at 7 weeks. Talon was her sire and Derringer is her dam. She was such a fine puppy, fit right in with our other goldens. She was a great help around the house helping with the dishes whenever she could.

Houston is so hot, it is really a challenge to get cool. I like to help with the grooming.


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